Palliative Care

Who needs Palliative Care?

Palliative Care is suitable for those with a life-threatening or terminal illness. At Amicura, we offer specialised care to improve the quality of life of people who require this type of care and their families. 

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Our approach to Palliative Care

We always take a person-centred approach to care, and we seek to support families and loved ones through this difficult time. By taking detailed life histories and paying attention to preferences we ensure that we respect each individual’s choice on how they wish to live in our home in a dignified way. Our care for these individuals will result in us maintaining health goals, providing pain management and ensuring their families and loved ones are supported.  

Our homes work in partnership with a range of organisations within the community such as local religious leaders, Admiral Nurses and other health and social care professionals. 


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“My mother was staying at Kingfisher for palliative care. I can’t thank all the staff enough for the excellent care and attention they gave her. Her last days were made very comfortable and peaceful. I am so grateful to everyone.”

Margaret S Daughter of Resident - Kingfisher

“The staff are really friendly and really nice. They make you feel welcome and never give up on trying different things with the residents.”

T B Granddaughter of Resident

“My dad was in Harmony House for only a short while but the care and love were amazing. They treated him and us like family. They always had time to talk and checked on my dad frequently. It is such a happy place.”

Paula M Daughter of Resident
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