Intermediate Care

Who needs Intermediate Care?

Intermediate Care is suitable for individuals who need care and support to recover from falls, accidents, or injuries or for those who have undergone surgery. Amicura provides such individuals with the benefit of resting and rehabilitation in our caring and safe environment. Our homes offer comprehensive assistance to give our elderly time to recover and rebuild until they are ready.

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Our approach to Intermediate Care

Amicura’s approach to Intermediate Care ensures an individual’s independence while maintaining a person-tailored care plan for a speedy recovery. Our homes provide a secure and relaxing setting with utmost comfort. Every resident will be supported by our dedicated home team to support them at all times. As a team we aim to support our residents with the required care, organizing activities that help their physical and mental well-being and giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions.

Tailored Care

Our person-tailored care plan is designed to provide high-quality care supporting you or your loved one to have a speedy recovery. Our culinary team serves healthy, nutritionally balanced, and tasty meals suitable to residents’ health and helps them regain energy while maintaining a healthy diet.

Rebuild and Recovery

For a speedy recovery, our person-tailored care plan is designed based on the needs of you or your loved one with 24/7 support from our qualified team of health professionals. It enables the resident to rebuild and regain their strength under our care prior to going back home.


While recovering from injuries or illness can get frustrating and lonelier. Our Care Approach is the best way to support the residents while they work towards recovery. With person-focused care plans, we work closely to increase interactions with residents encouraging 1:1 activity and participating in ongoing events at home. It enables them to have happy, healthy days with us.

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“My Auntie was admitted to Harmony House after a fall which then resulted in her catching COVID 19 while recovering in hospital. She was very frail on arrival after several weeks in hospital. Within a short time at Harmony House, her strength and general wellbeing had dramatically improved and we were all delighted with the progress made and the care received.”

Steven H Nephew of Resident - Harmony House

“Kingsley Care Home have been so welcoming and accommodating towards my Uncle, making him feel at home during the difficult transition of leaving his own home. He has a lovely room, the care for his personal needs is excellent, the standard of food is second to none. The staff are all very professional, friendly and caring. Whenever we visit they are always lovely.”

Rielle C Niece of Resident - Kingsley

“My dad is happy and settled here. He came straight from hospital in May 2021 and the difference in him was amazing. The staff here are kind and friendly to both of us and I feel he's having the best care possible. Thank you!”

G C Daughter of Resident - The Glen
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